Choosing the right work uniforms or working with the right apparel service providers will help you create a professional image that is consistent with your business. Unknown to most business owners, uniforms are the easiest way of attracting guests and differentiating your company from the competition. In fact, if you have more than one employee, getting the right uniforms and overall for your staff will create a good first impression from your customers and make a positive impact, which is what your customers expect.

With credible Las Vegas uniforms supply services, you do have to worry about buying new work uniforms regularly, uniform repair or maintenance. You get to free up enough time to focus on the core aspects of your business once you start working with a uniform lease and apparel services.

How to choose the right uniform for your restaurant


No matter how good the uniform looks on your staff, if they are not feeling comfortable in the uniform, they won’t perform optimally. Customers can easily pick up on the emotions of your waiting staff and probably assume your restaurant is not the right place to dine. Hence, ensuring they are comfortable in their uniforms is as important as investing in great materials and choice of color. Your chefs work in hot and hectic shifts, and thus have to be comfortable at all times.

Create an image

Creating a brand image requires you to dress your staff in a certain way. And, it is vital to match your work uniforms with the interior design of your restaurant. For instance, you can discuss with the apparel service provider to offer you on-trend restaurant uniforms with denim shirts and urban styled aprons or flat caps to go well with the features of your surroundings.

To make your venue more appealing, you can go for table tops with a worn effect and tableware that comes with a rustic flare. Remember, your logo is the most important part of your business’s image. Hence, you should have it embroidered on your uniforms to imprint it into your customers’ minds.

Name badges

Make your catering staff appear professional by completing the look with a custom staff name badges. Consider a gold, silver or white and black presentation. Well-designed name badges are a great yet simple way of communicating with your customers as most people feel comfortable being served by people they can refer to by their names. The name badges on your staff’s uniforms will boost employee engagement and eventually build customer loyalty.

You can turn intrigued foodies into loyal patrons by working with the right apparel services. Apart from your awesome tablecloth, stunning furniture, mouth-watering dishes, brightest lighting fixtures and best restaurant signs, you should create the perfect first impression by ensuring that your staff looks great. Selecting the right Las Vegas uniforms or overalls for your staff will create a brand image that suits your restaurant. At Prudential Uniforms, we are Las Vegas’s ideal uniforms provider. We specialize in quality and trendy uniforms to make your staff look the part while at work. Contact us today for more information.