Children are fond of a fanaticized world more than anything else is. They love to wander off into another world, away from the hustle-bustle of the normal life. It is like their special escapade, something that we, adults usually miss and desperately crave for once we cross that age threshold. Nevertheless, it is bliss to watch our children playing with realistic figures and consider them to be their best companions.

Over the past few decades, the entire gaming world has transitioned from the old, traditional methodologies of dolls and plastic toys to the modernistic and latest electronic gaming stations. Though the world is advancing at a rapid rate, for a child, it is still their time where they could dream about anything and anywhere. It is this time of their life where they consider everything around themselves to be fictional. This is the reason that gave a booster to the increasing popularity of the Sylvanian games and their beautiful and creative family lives.

This gaming idea was developed around twenty years ago in Japan from where it spread through the entire world, triggering many popular toy-manufacturing companies to develop the fictional Sylvanian family games.

What is a Sylvanian game?

Established by a gaming company in Japan, namely Epoch in 1985, these toys resemble real-life figures like cats, fox, human beings and many other funny and intriguing characters. They are usually made from polymers such as plastics, which make them unbreakable and hence are safe for the children to play with.

What is the setting of the Sylvanian games?

Many wouldn’t believe when we say that these Sylvanian games are actually based on a fictional story which had its roots embedded within the Sylvania village. The games represent the different rural villages that were set up in the area, along with the domestication sites of the people or rather should we say the villagers.

This typical fictional world not only spikes up the interests of the children but also takes them to a world where they can design houses and again destroy it, only to redesign it. Characters moulded perfectly to look like real art will surround the little minds once they start playing this game. These toys are even dressed in clothing that dates back to the 1950s fashion world, quite exciting, isn’t it!

Facts about the Sylvanian family!

Being set in a fictional world of Sylvanian village, the family members represent a modern-day family, father, mother, sister, and brother. However, don’t worry, your kid’s fictional family will not be limited to these four members. Instead, you can let them add to the number and let them enjoy the games.

Sylvanian families’ game consists of house building structures that have to be constructed for playing further. The companies have included figures like kittens, rats, dogs, hedgehogs, pandas, kangaroos and many other animal faces.

Not only there are normal plasticised toys based on the Sylvanian family, there are many animated video games based on the gaming ideas.