Children need to be physically active every day in order to stay healthy, as this benefits their physical development as well. Kids who are able to establish a healthy lifestyle pattern from the very beginning, have it much easier later in life, as they will carry those benefits into their adult life.

If you have a difficulty encouraging your kids to stay active and play outdoors, you can always purchase them toys for outside. For example, the ride on toys for toddlers from Step2 Direct will surely keep the little ones busy as they also develop great motor skills.

Ride-on toys tend to be very entertaining and they encourage our kids to play outdoors

Physical activity promotes:

  • Healthy development and growth
  • Better posture and balance
  • Better self-esteem
  • Stronger bones, joints, and muscles
  • Better concentration and focus in school
  • Having fun while learning new skills
  • Social interaction with other children
  • A stronger heart
  • Less stress
  • A healthier weight range
  • Better balance and posture

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with encouraging the little ones to stay active and play outdoors. You should ask your kids if they have a particular activity they enjoy the most, and you could enroll them in a program or a sport that they have shown interest in.

Parents are able to show support and guide their kids as they teach them how to start and build skill in a particular area. Kids need to be motivated, and they also need to be rewarded when they do well. Of course, going over the top is not a good idea, but reward them by showing them that what they did is a good thing.

Children need to:

  • Have a warm-up and cool down routine for every active session (sports)
  • Drink enough water before and after their activities, as well as have breaks during the activities
  • If your kids play outdoors, make sure that they wear a hat and sunglasses and also use sunscreen
  • Use the appropriate protective equipment
  • Make sure to start at a level of fitness that matches their age and ability. Too much can result in pain, and that can discourage them to proceed.


Aerobic activities or endurance are very important, as they are activities that will strengthen our kids and help with their breathing and heart. You could get a kids soccer goal at Step2 Direct today, and encourage your kids to play soccer with their friends, or you could purchase different sports toys. This all depends on what your kids enjoy.

Sports toys will help the little ones stay active and in shape


Activities that will encourage your kids to bend, reach and stretch to promote flexibility is also a good way to keep them active and within the healthy weight range. Show them the beauty of this sport, and allow them to have fun while they are practicing their flexibility. This will promote their good posture, reduce soreness and stiffness of muscles and increase relaxation while minimizing injury risks.

Final word

It is also important that you help your kids grow up strong, and that can be done in many ways. However, you should never force your kids to do something they really dislike, and if they are cooped up inside for too long, that could be bad. Limiting their TV and PC time is always the way to go, but never completely deny them the ability for some entertainment indoors.