5 Unorthodox Uses for Designer Sunglasses

Companies like Olympic Eyewear makes designer sunglasses with the expectation that the vast majority of wearers will use them to protect their eyes against the sun. They might even expect some wearers to buy their sunglasses as fashion accessories. But truth be known, there are other reasons people don their favorite pair of shades.

Like just about every other consumer product on the market, there are a lot of unorthodox uses for designer sunglasses. Five of them are listed below. Next time you see someone wearing what appears to be a designer brand in surroundings that are not sunny, consider that there might be something else in play.

1. Dealing with Nighttime Road Glare

How many times have you been a passenger in a car, driving down the road at night, when the car behind you is all but blinding you with its ultra-bright halogen headlights? It’s crazy. At some point within the last several years, carmakers decided that their headlights need to be bright enough to turn night into day. Passengers have to wear sunglasses just to keep from going crazy riding in a car at night.

For the record, you should never wear designer sunglasses, or any other sunglasses for that matter, when driving at night. It is okay for passengers, but not for drivers. If nighttime road glare is bothering you, there are special glasses you can buy to solve that problem.

2. Hiding an Eye Infection

Nobody likes to look at pinkeye, right? So if you have a case of it, you certainly don’t want to broadcast to everyone that you’re not feeling well. You also do not want people avoiding you unnecessarily. You know enough to keep your hands to yourself so you don’t spread it, there’s no need for you to confine yourself to the house until it goes away. You can grab a good pair of sunglasses and face a world that doesn’t need to know what’s going on with you.

3. Impressing Your Future In-Laws

Fashion sunglasses as an accessory can go a long way toward giving the impression of wealth. You may need that kind of help if you are trying to impress your future in-laws. It is not that you’re poor, it’s just that you’re not yet making six figures. They don’t need to know that. Spend a little money on a pair of Bermuda shorts, a nice shirt, and a $30 pair of Olympic Eyewear shades. You will look the part for as long as it takes to convince your future in-laws that you’re not such a bad guy.

4. Making Your Ex Jealous

At some point after the whole in-law thing, you and your sweetheart may decide to break up. There’s no need to spend the next several months crying in the corner of your bedroom. Instead, get out there and get back into circulation. And take those fancy designer sunglasses with you. Your ex will be super jealous over the fact that you are not wasting your days thinking about what might have been.

5. Living Your Fantasies

At the time this article was written, Halloween was just a couple of weeks out. That leads us to the fifth and final unorthodox reason for wearing designer shades: living out your fantasies. Maybe you have always wanted to be a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force. But you can be, at least for a couple of hours, if you have a good pair of aviators and the right haircut.

So you see, designer sunglasses have a lot of great purposes other than protecting your eyes. Just use your imagination.