Alex Flynn – Going to Extreme Ultra, and beyond

On Sept 1st at about 4am, Alex Flynn will set off on the Europe 135 Ultra – a 135 mile run from Niederaichbach to Mittenwald in Bavaria, with a total of 4020 meters of climbs to overcome all in under 60 hours!  Oh I forgot to mention – Alex suffers from Parkinsons Disease, and is only 39. This race is one of many as Alex attempts to race over 10 Million Metres, with support from Rich Merry, Dave Clamp and John Saunders, among others, over the next 4 years (825,000 already raced since August 2009), all to raise £10m for Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

And for this race the sponsors have really pulled out the stops to help and support Alex and his crew. Supplying not only a Digital Camcorder to record the events for passing on to other media, but also by supplying 4 pairs of superb sunglasses, to help cope with all lighting and conditions, so that seeing clearly will be one thing less for Alex to worry about. As well as that they have kitted him out with new prescription glasses so that even when the race is over his eyesight is one less thing to worry about.

They have been extremely supportive in supplying both Alex and Rich with glasses for all their races this year, which have included the Marathon Des Sables, Grand Union Canal Race, Country to Capital 45 mile Ultra, as well as London Triathlon and the up-coming London Duathlon and 7 Oaks Triathlon. With many more ultras planned for the next few years, including a massive run across Europe in 2018/19, as well as Ironman events and major marathons, their continued support will ensure that a clear field of vision will help to clear a field of dreams!

As Alex & Rich say – Keep moving forward!!

On the 135 Alex will be using and reviewing the following a range of different sunglasses, if you want to support and sponsor Alex go to his just giving site, or find out more about the duo go to Alex’s or Rich’s sites.