What Are The Top Reasons To Consider A Branded Shipping Box

E-commerce merchants want to set their boxes and packaging apart from others with a specific brand identity. The reason why not every business implements it because of the high cost associated to it. With a flexographic process, it is becoming a lot cheaper for businesses as the copy of it is pre-printed on the board prior to making it into boxes. There are so many ways by which a branded shipping box can improve your marketing efforts in the long run.

Importance of premium packaging

For e-commerce retailers, premium packaging is an important way to differentiate your brand. It helps in encouraging customer loyalty that results in making repeated purchases. This creates excitement among people and keen to make more purchases from the company.

Ways to make efficient utilization of custom-branded shipping boxes

Some of the methods to make proper utilization of customized shipping boxes are as below:

  • Use printed boxes with logo as an efficient tool of marketing. Its design matters a lot and they make you stand ahead of the crowd. Use these boxes to display that you are an upscale company.
  • Figure out the right size of shipping box for your business. Select a fewer box sizes that would help in fulfilling your orders easily.
  • If you use customized sized boxes with a logo then it would be a big win with your customers.

Criteria when selecting packing material for shipping of your products?

The first and foremost criteria include the basic necessities such as materials that safeguard the product while saves on cost. The number of items to be packed in the box along with its weight and type of materials to be packed such as fragile, light, heavy etc.

What type of customer experience should you branded shipping box must create?

Your packaging should be such that it creates a surprising and delightful experience for its customers. They are equally applicable and most impactful during unboxing experience of customers.

Intentionally designing such customer experience is a very important part of building a sustainable and memorable brand. When your company puts an emphasis on branded shipping materials, it can assist your company to take advantage of retaining existing customers as well as optimizing lifecycle of their customers.


A customized printed box that is custom made to order, does not come in standard sizes. These tips will definitely help you when you are thinking of ordering customized mailboxes for your business.